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    Can 2N2 Constructions take care of the demolition of the home and obtain all approvals?

    Absolutely. Once all the plans, including the exterior and interior designs has been agreed upon, we can provide a turnkey solution where we will take care of the demolition of your existing home, clean up the site both exterior and interior and install driveways, fencing, pools and landscaping.

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    I don’t have any plans or designs. I don’t know where to start. Can you help?

    We offer design services where we will have a meeting with you to establish your design requirements to suit your needs. In that respect, we can support you with a complete home design and construction solution. You will find more details by clicking here: Our Process.

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    What’s the cost of building a new home with 2N2 Constructions?

    Generally, our new home builds start from $400,000.

    There are many factors that influence the cost of a project and this all depends on the size of the project, complexity of the design, inclusions (basic, standard or luxury) and characteristics of the site. Your tender price will be a fixed price when the contract is signed and there will be no hidden fees. You will always be notified of an increase in price due to upgrading or going over an allowance agreed upon in the contract price. We will always ask for approval for any action that would incur an additional cost before proceeding.

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    Are there any cost involved before we start construction?

    This will depend on what stage you are at with your designs and drawings. If you do not have any designs or council approvals, we can provide a concept design and take you through the different stages all the way through to council submission. There will be cost associated along the way for design services, council and authorities’ fees, however, these costs are necessary and will not be included again if we proceed to the contract stage.

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    How long will my home take to build?

    There are many influences that can affect the length of the process required for your new home. Going through The Complying Development Certificate (CDC) can take up to 18 days for approval while a Development application (DA) can take up to 6 months depending on council. Generally speaking, the construction period for an average sized single storey home has a minimum construction period of 27 weeks and a double storey home around 40 weeks from the time we commence demolition. Each home is accessed individually depending on the design parameters and
    site conditions. 2N2 Constructions understands that clients are eager to move into their new homes and so we take great effort in ensuring our construction programs are adhered to.

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    Can I use some of my trade/suppliers during the construction of my new home?

    Yes, we understand that you may know a friend that does a certain trade and we offer flexibility in allowing you to engage them for your home. We only request that we are advised before construction commences and that they are fully licensed, insured and adhere to the 2N2 Constructions safety policy.

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    Can I have access to the site during construction?

    Yes, you certainly can. We understand that no type of design would help you visualise your new home unless you are physically there. Therefore we welcome you to come on site at any time as long as you are accompanied by a representative from 2N2 Constructions. This is due to OH&S and safety reasons.

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    Can I make changes during construction?

    We will conduct regular site meetings during the construction of your home to discuss this. We understand that you may change your mind or come up with new ideas and we will happily accommodate changes if time permits and that it does not compromise the structural integrity of the home.

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    Will I be kept up to date during the building project?

    Certainly! We will conduct regular site meetings where we will discuss progress, milestones, time schedules and selections.