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Costly Granny Flat Mistakes to Avoid in Sydney

Granny flats are an excellent way to make use of wasted space, add value, or increase living area while enhancing your privacy. However, like any construction project, granny flats can be a minefield of costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

Not understanding Sydney council regulations

One of the biggest mistake’s property owners make is not taking the time to consider Sydney’s council regulations when planning a granny flat. For instance, a granny flat must be built in conjunction with another dwelling. This means you cannot build a granny flat on a vacant block; you must construct the principal residence first.


This regulation is also applicable for knocking a dwelling down to make way for a new building. You can build a granny flat to live in while the new construction takes place, but the granny flat must be present before the principle residence is knocked down.


Subdivision, minimum block, street frontage, and floor area ratios must also be taken into account when considering granny flat construction in Sydney.

Site planning

Planning a granny flat is different from buying “off the shelf products” like a new car or kitchen appliances. We choose those based on how they suit us, whereas a granny flat design needs to adapt to the site. Many people try to change the site to suit their design. Site modifications create significant price increases when a construction plan requires ground levelling, retaining walls, or extensive drainage systems.

Ignoring building codes

Many granny flat investors who choose to go it alone and do things often don’t take the time to understand the local building codes. You will save money by using a builder who has the knowledge and experience to create a granny flat design that will keep both the owners and the Sydney council happy.

Not getting a comprehensive quote

Quotes need to be 100% transparent. A quote that is open to interpretation can lead to expensive court battles. When you ask for a quote, be sure to request one that covers every little detail.

Not asking enough questions

A lot of time, money, and effort will go towards building a new granny flat. You will want to ensure you fully understand every aspect of your contract before construction begins.  Once the project is underway, it is complicated and sometimes impossible to get things changed.


Granny flats can add value and convenience to a property and provide an extra source of income. Ensure your project gets off to the best start by only working with reputable and experienced builders in Sydney.

Not sure where to start?

At 2N2 Constructions, we pride ourselves on giving you honest guidance on how to build your dream home and get everything you want within a budget  you can afford. Why not contact us for a FREE no-obligation consultation today.

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