The Fully Customised Luxury Granny Flat Construction

Cabramatta, NSW


When we first met My and Ricky…

They were looking for a builder who would be able to design and build a fully customisable luxury granny flat that catered to their budget and specific needs for their life style. They were also very sceptical about builders as they heard many terrible and negative home building stories. As a result, we helped them overcome their doubts. During the meeting and construction phase we:

  • Had a consultation meeting where we listened to their specific needs and budget and addressed any concerns they had in the building process and design stages.

  • We provided them professional advice in regards to design amendments and budget feasibility.

  • We met with them regularly on site to discuss any issues they hard while also updating them on the progress of the construction.

  • My and Ricky had a direct line to Peter and were able to contact him regularly for any issues or enquiries they had.

  • We provided a deadline to complete the job and finished on time and within budget.

  • We catered for changes during construction.