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Custom Home Builder Sydney vs. Standard Project Homes? Which is better?

For most people, buying a home will be the most significant investment they will make, so most buyers are understandably concerned about making the best choices. One of the most challenging considerations new home homeowners will face is whether to go for engage a custom home builder Sydney, versus a standard project home in Sydney.

As with most home construction decisions, there’s no hard and fast rule to say one way or the other whether a custom home build versus standard project home is better. In just about all cases, it will depend on the homeowner’s needs and their financial situation.

Custom home builder Sydney versus standard project homes – pros and cons

Choosing the best way to build your new home won’t be an easy decision to make.

The following considerations should help you decide on the best course of action on what may be the biggest investment of your life.

Custom home builder

1. Flexibility and customer service

The biggest drawcard for a custom home build in Sydney is that the homeowner has complete control and limitless flexibility in the design.

You will get exceptional customer service when you go with a custom build because you aren’t just another number with a paycheque. Custom home builders work alongside the homeowners directly and are not limited to specifications imposed by cookie-cutter plans.

Standard project homes provide minimal scope for modifications and homeowners are limited in the types of fixtures available. Plus, any changes to the plan can dramatically raise prices. Customer service is also lacking in such arrangements as developers struggle to accommodate a buyers list that can number in the hundreds.

2. Layout and design

Homebuyers choosing standard project homes will always have compromises to make. A variety of plans are made available, but the designs rarely suit every lifestyle requirement of the buyers.

On the other hand, custom home builders can accommodate the homeowners every want and desire, so the result is a dream home without compromises.

3. Price

The price will always be a factor in designing a new home. However, custom builds versus standard project homes are comparable in price.

Standard project homes usually start at a base price, which is generally an attractive advertised price that only provides a bare-bones package. Inclusions and modifications are almost always requested, and they never fail to bump up the price.

Custom home builds in Sydney are individually priced according to specifications and finishes the homebuyer would like included. Suggestions can be made for changes that will keep the construction within the budget set by the buyer, but in the end, the buyer will always get a design that suits both their lifestyle and budget.

Not sure where to start?

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